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soul searched

When I am in need and I am not given I am sad and active, I want to defend myself: . against the world! Tragic! Turning against myself. As I am part of it all- this gnaws my soul. . When I am in need, and I cannot give myself the space and time to…Continue reading »

Ich, Schloss Blumenfeld

~ Verwurzelt fest im Felsenwipfel, ein Schloss aus Stein auf Bergesgipfel. Rag’ hervor zur Himmelswelt, mein Name ist Schloss Blumenfeld. ~ Weiß ranken Mauern in die Luft, mitunter die Biber in der Kluft, erzählt von weiterher Geschehen was ist, was war, was wird bestehen. ~ Ich hab’ viel Jahr, hab’ viel Geschichte. Steh still, doch…Continue reading »

marginal centre

merely a wom’n but i’m white i am a nigger and a kike ~ i am paki and a shrike then too a spinster call a dyke. ~ so… when you grab me i am not there i am many and full of air. ~ my head is empty and i am dull i am…Continue reading »

in hiding

i am thinking oft of you yet i do not know you. well, i am thinking oft of you, an idea i have of you. ~ of what you let me see of what you let me feel of what you let happen and what you hid. ~ wrapped tightly in a hide sweetly dosed…Continue reading »

the we is an anchor

leaving the we behindthrough the distancethe heart strings,new and tender, strainand threatento tearapart staring back in angerin accusationascribing blamewhere there is love leavinglike a balloon, fragiletaken by the windsthat carry you away mistaking adventurefor freedomand love for onlyhurt and pain at the mercyof the gustsbuffetting aboutoffering their wild support i want to scream that the…Continue reading »

seeing you

when i see youi see you, and somuch more your faceyour handsyour lips in a smile i see the inner glowand the glow you havearound you i see inside yourselfemanatingexuding quiet confidenceand such possibilityi see like in a mirror my soul (OMG scary!)you reflect mein my love for youreaching for youlonging for no thing i…Continue reading »


i stopped asking how you are stopped asking what  you feel stopped asking cuz you don’t know or simply say thatallisgreat … i look and see and don’t believe you i worry and feel and want to hold  you tell you that all is alright … but you are away away from you, home and  your heart….Continue reading »

Perfect some times

This sometime: Moments exist, sometimes. Joined by moments, lining up like footprints in the snow. They go from here to there. They go from I over to you. That sometime: These moments, palpably, materialise, and realised. And sometimes, at some times, yes, spill forth space. Filled for dreams, wishes bouncing, flowing between you and me….Continue reading »

when you touch me

love is […] they say.i say love is.when love is it islike a rose a roselike a kiss a kissand like a feelingfull of joy because it is.and because it ishearts soarthe mind fliesand our bellies tinglefilled with butterfliesand popcorn explosions the rose growsand its thorns may stingand bees gather nectarand bees may stingand love…Continue reading »

So strong

The God of Duty put the sword down. Looked her squarely in the eye. Shrugged first, before walking away. She felt empty. Aimless. She could see no goal or horizon to scan. Or run to. Nothing to align her ambition or check her. Only the Horizon of Herself, however veiled and distant. Rock solid. Steady…Continue reading »


There was this door. She felt she should not open it. In any case, she was too small to reach up to the handle. The door remained close. She did not even know if it was locked. When she was growing taller, she sometimes touched the door, touched the handle. But, again, she felt she…Continue reading »

Just how

Just how can we ever fully understand the brain when we use the brain to understand itself?


she had sent her scream into the valleys!and the awesome abyss resounded. yet she had turned her headclosed her eyes and covered her ears. only able to cower in complete bewilderment, crouched in silence. for she could not bear to hear the valleys’ reflection carrying their abounding beauty back to her. could not bear to…Continue reading »


i stood alone, just by myselfamongst the foreign others.i stood so proud and yet so paleto be, just be, no bothers.

forever moment

life’s brimming,souls expanding,greens are flirting all around. mind’s danglingworries fleeting,blue sky spans the universe. heart’s grasping,love and longing,cosmic creeks run open wide. up is bouncing,downward floating,weightless body from the air. sounds so mellowboundless meadow,this moment : yours forever.


In a land, far, far away In our own hearts. We laugh, choke and breathe Both brilliant scent and heavy odour. _ Lest we tell them apart When they are one and the same. But we live with distinction Knowing the things. _ We breathe air and fire. Gasping in the difference, The land in…Continue reading »

God’s gift

And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. Genesis 2.22 I carry, heavy in my breast, his rib Which is not mine. That rib is alien in me. Because it does not belong in there. _ What burden you have…Continue reading »

I want you

I want you to scratch my blindspots. To topsy-turvy with my comfort. To tangle a lifeline to my heart. – I want you to challenge the ending. To give as much and take away. To mean mean words. – I want you to really cramp my style. To dismantle willing control. To question my sanity….Continue reading »

Doll of mine

Playing with dolls, I lose myself. I think I am mum, the ruler, control. Bending those arms and sitting her straight, Feels in charge, good and right. – That doll of mine, so beautiful, Naked as well as clothed. Skin is shining and robes afloat, I prize playing with her dreams. – Who am I?…Continue reading »

Silenced woods

Howling winds and rustling leaves, Stay indoors and wrap your dreams. When it comes then you will know That howling nature knocks the door. – Growling wolves and soaring birds, Stay away and watch unfold. When they speak then you will know That growling nature comes up close. – Snarling wildcats, cracking twigs, Stay at…Continue reading »

Spring rose

A rose rose in charming calm. Growing shyly in all nature palm. Jarred tease in craving eyes to hope. Chest shown, then merely shamed to cope. – Shone light to corners of its inkling, In search of crime in its dark wrinkling. Petalled nerves open, shut cases too. Still afraid of deeds to be deadly…Continue reading »

Fortress mine

Living in a heart, fortressed in barbed wire: Safe it seems, but all sound sinks It ever low and lower. – Living in a heart, fortressed by much ire: When ears grow want but wont of need Will wither in its fire. – Living in a heart, fortressed by desire: That eyes are dead, though…Continue reading »

Wanderings in an inner garden

Apart from faint noises in adjacent apartments and someone’s small footsteps in the communal stairwell, nothing else is shared. I am alone. Away from the humdrum’s everyday, the helter-skelter and dinning deafness. No noise. No rush. When alone, the world dissolves around me. Poof, it vanishes. The dissolved outside then fades onto an unresolved inside….Continue reading »

Crossing hearts

It was such a beautiful ball to behold. Colourful and radiant was its atmosphere. Dazzling and brilliant were the people. When she arrived in her glistening robe, everyone was so taken that they did not know what to say. Silent whispers went roundabout the room. She must be a princess? She looks so regal, so…Continue reading »

Wishing hearts

Ingredients: fabric, heartshaped darning yarn Tools: scissors needle heart template crochet needle Let your imaginations run wild. Wishing Instructions Write down your wish, need or want Place it inside the heart Sleep on it: put it under your pillow for 3 nights Then look at your wish again What insights have come to you? Reflect…Continue reading »

The fourth time we meet

First time we met It was amongst with others. We laughed and cried together, and parted. ~~~ Second time we met We stared into dark souls, But could not make out the other. ~~~ Each cloaked in themselves. Believing in the beauty But not in our own. ~~~ Until it could have been serious. It…Continue reading »

Beyond the blue

There it was again. It was awful. This strange feeling. I am waking up in the morning, and I feel slashed asunder. The Old Hag had taken her nightly ride on me and ripped me to pieces. It felt bad. It hurt. It had happened to me again and again over the past few months….Continue reading »


It was morning. He woke up. And immediately he had this feeling of dread, he knew it all too well. It was this day again. This day. Once again, once a week. The day was now in front of him. And reliably it would be horrible. He would have to enter this place again. This…Continue reading »

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